Napoleonic Era Meets Historical Romance on the Beach!

Today on the BEACH we welcome author Samantha Kaye! Ms. Kaye is new to historical romance but not new to writing historicals. A graduate of Tufts University with a degree in History, Samantha won the Silver Ippy Award for the first four books in her series, which were originally one large novel. Her historically accurate books have been praised by those who specialize in the Napoleonic Era and we are pleased to feature her new book and an excerpt!

AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR, Samantha Kaye, delivers romance and adventure in Book 1 of the Passion and Glory Series--AMOUR.

She steals his heart with a kiss. . .
For Sérolène, Vicomtesse de La Bouhaire, a sheltered life on her uncle's plantation in St. Domingue, the jewel of the French colonies, is changed forever when she finds a handsome, elusive stranger in her uncle's library. Verbal sparks fly with the intruder who she finds boorish and purposefully rude. But the Vicomtesse is shocked and embarrassed to discover the man is Nicolas Montferraud, youngest son of the famous Marquis de Blaise and part of the great family that Sérolène's social-climbing aunt wants to secure for her marriageable daughter, Julienne.

Desperate to not make an enemy of Nicolas and spoil things for the cousin she adores, Sérolène tries to make amends with the chevalier, but a teasing dare ends with her first kiss and a promise of more to come.

But will the burning passion of a forbidden love . . .

Nicolas de Montferraud has it all--wealth, an illustrious family name, and dashing good looks. But as the sparks of passion grow into flames, Sérolène learns that Nicolas has been tainted by unproven rumors of African blood on his mother's side. Rumors which caused his family to be exiled from court.

Lead to ruin or glory?

When her secret love is discovered by her family, Sérolène is forbidden to ever see Nicolas again. But she is determined that nothing will keep her from being with Nicolas. No sacrifice is too much for her to bear. Not even death.


"She had been meant for him. She alone in a world of millions of souls. He felt her resonance in the marrow of his bones, in the thrum of ichor surging through his flesh. From this moment forward, he would love her till the day he died and a stab of cold numbing fear wrenched his gut, for he had no surety she would or could ever feel the same, and what would he do if she should be lost to him? What would there be for him but bleak empty hopelessness if she did not return his love, or thought his feelings absurd? He would spend the rest of his life seeking warmth from shadows, knowing that the sun forever eluded him. His heart raced. His mouth was dry. He wondered if the first man felt the same, when he looked down toward the hole of his sundered rib and beheld the wonder named Eve."

Samantha lives with her spouse in the Seattle area where her bookcases are chocked full of histories and biographies, encompassing both ancient and modern times. A graduate of Tufts in history, she has lived in London, Harare, Boston, Hangzhou, and Nashville. Her office walls are covered in portraits of The Emperor, and a street map of 18th century Paris. In the dark hours before dawn, she writes historically accurate fiction, and fashions complex, interwoven romantic stories to engage the reader's curiosity and stir emotions. A romantic at heart, her work evokes both the nuances and the challenging relationships of the waning days of the French court along with the passion of forbidden love.

She and her husband are parents to two grown sons and live with a poorly behaved lap dog named Bijoux. A fan of Sauvignon Blanc, Samantha's favorite vacation was a recent wine tasting tour of southern France. When she isn't writing, or reading, Samantha loves to shop for hats and shoes, her secret indulgence.

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Refugee Women's Alliance

ReWA-Blog-logo-266x189I frequently feature actual Seattle landmarks in my Grayce Walters series, partly because I love my home city and partly to create a sense of realism for readers who are familiar with this region. Part of the storyline for Marriage Under Fire, the September release in my contemporary romantic suspense series, was inspired by Seattle's local refugee and immigrant community.

One of my primary research resources for this was the Refugee Women's Alliance (ReWA), an organization that provides assistance and support to refugee and immigrant women and their families. ReWA has been active in Seattle's multicultural community for more than 30 years and their work is life changing. Here are some of their accomplishments and compelling facts:
  • Services are available in more than 60 languages/dialects
  • More than 30 percent of King County residents are foreign-born, based on the 2010 Census
  • ReWA helps refugees learn English, find housing and jobs, and gain U.S. citizenship
  • Services from ReWA also include domestic violence aid, youth & senior programs, and meals
Yet another reason I love being a romantic suspense author is being able to showcase incredible organizations such as this that make a difference in the community.

Dog Days of Summer Reading!

The Dog Days of Summer are finally coming to an end, at least according to the calendar. Here in Washington state we've been experiencing a unusual heat wave. This July was a record breaker, going down as the hottest month in Seattle history since 1890!

The Dog Days of Summer run from July 3 to August 11 and refer to the sultriest days of summer. Early observers in the Mediterranean region discovered this period coincided with the conjunction of Sirius (the dog star) and the sun. In honor of the Dog Days of Summer, I'm featuring some of my author friends and their canine sidekicks. There's also a little surprise squeezed in here. If you are still in need of summer reading, be sure to check out each author's recent release!

Callie Hutton's four-legged friend Daisy. The Highlander's Choice is a Scottish Regency historical.


Gunny, Chris Keniston's pooch pal, is also an aspiring author. If you like contemporary romance with military heroes, check out Aloha Texas.


Ava Branson's four-legged friend Cosmo is decidedly more feline than canine. Fiery Seas, a contemporary romance, makes a great beach read.

Ava Branson

C.B. Williams is bound and determined to fit her Golden Doodle Miki in one of those designer handbags. Champion of Entean is science fiction romance with a splash of fantasy.


Sugar keeps Teri Riggs company while working on contemporary stories like her recent release, Sunsets and New Beginnings.


My two Golden Labs, Gus and Talley, provided inspiration for the canine characters in my contemporary romantic suspense books, such as Men Under Fire, from the Grayce Walters series.

JD dog

Who's keeping you company during these steamy Dog Days of Summer?