Swim Suited Author Talks about Indie Books

This week on the hot sand we have me, Kim Hornsby. I'm ranting about the worth of Indie Authors and the fabulous books that are turned out on a daily basis at frighteningly low prices.

                                      (I like to write my name on the beach to feel famous.)

Self Publishing is relatively new and authors now have the opportunity to bypass the humiliating process of being rejected by agents and editors for years on end, being told "I just didn't connect with the voice as much as I hoped to", or "best of luck in your endeavor to secure a home for this novel". As lovely as it is to have someone reply if they didn't like your book, years of this can make a girl feel like her life's work and heart's calling is simply a silly past time. Add an unsupportive family or writer's block and you have one depressed novelist, sitting at her computer wondering if she's wasted years of her life with a pipe dream that will never come to fruition.
Anyone out there, reaching for the tissue box yet?

Before Amazon opened up its wide arms to include authors of all types and sizes, levels of expertise, and hairstyles, a novelist HAD to get an editor or agent interested in their project in order to be published. There was no other way. Then eBooks came along and the industry changed forever.
Cue the music Halleluiah.
These days anyone can publish anything which is a gift from Heaven if you are an author.
And it isn't a bad thing for readers if you know how to avoid the publications that don't interest you. As an example, if someone published what they ate for breakfast and it only has one review and that reviewer has the same last name as the author, you might not pay $5.99 for that book. Weeding out the good stuff is more difficult with all the choices nowadays but it can be done. Reviews help a reader find a new book. (please write reviews when you finish a book and like it!), as do those blurbs and sample pages Amazon gives us to try out the novel before buying.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of great books out there in eBook Land that are self-published by authors who will have promising careers as novelists. And there's hundreds, probably thousands of poorly written novels. This puts choosing a book in a whole new category. No longer do we have the highly successful, traditionally published novelists and then the rest of us who can't get an editor interested in our books. Now we have scads of novelists with everything between no-talent to super-talented. Not all indie pubs were rejected by editors first. Many authors choose the Indie route to make more money and keep control of their books. Having a book published with a cover that looks nothing like the book is disturbing. Also the piddly amount of money made can be distressful when you are published by a famous publishing house.
As readers, the book buffet is now enormous, with choices beyond anyone's imagination. Sifting through has become an acquired skill in itself. At least eBooks are cheaper than print and new authors offer books for discounts and free, just to get a foot in your door. Many books are perma free on Amazon to lead you to that author's other books. "Buying" a free book or discounted novel is a great way to try a new author without a huge investment. Bestseller lists (either free or paid) are a good way to see what other people are buying but remember, their choice might be based on a good cover or compelling blurb. Reading reviews helps enormously, and not always the first ten. Those, you can usually assume are the authors' friends and family if it's their first book.

Almost every day I thank my lucky stars that I began my writing career just before eBooks came into play, and that I spent a few years submitting and being rejected. This made me hungry enough to want success in this overcrowded market, which made me keep writing, which made me a better writer, which made my books more readable and marketable.

If you are an INDIE PUBLISHED AUTHOR (see how I capitalized?) I commend you for taking the initiative to publish without the support of an agent telling you how wonderful you are or a traditional publisher--for believing in your work enough to make your dream come true.
If you are an INDIE READER, I applaud you for taking a chance on us writers who have stories in our heads that have to come out. I am both.

If you have a moment, I'd appreciate hearing what Indie Published Book you've read recently that was highly enjoyable. Mine was Maiden's Veil by Lisa Costantino who happens to be a writer on this blog. She is one of those super-talented, beautiful writers I talked about. Check it out!
What about you?


Kim Hornsby is both a traditionally published and indie published author of bestselling novels, as well as a KDP Select Free Days Guide on Amazon. She spends her days avoiding housework, letting dogs in and out of the backyard and daydreaming, which is considered working when you're a writer.

Valentines Anecdotes plus FREE and CHEAP Books!

Some author friends and I (Alicia Dean) are sharing a variety of books in different genres that are ON SALE for this Valentine season. We’re also sharing a little anecdote about Valentines Day. Please feel free to share one of your own and to comment on ours. Thanks for joining us and Happy V-Day!

Check out all the great deals and fun stories....

Alicia Dean ~ www.AliciaDean.com

Cupid’s Beau ~ Sweet Romance ~ What happens when a Cupid falls for her target?

54 pages – On sale for 99¢

I was married for almost thirteen years, but my husband wasn’t the most romantic man in the world. Oddly, the Valentines gift that sticks out in my memory was from an older, married man when I was only nineteen. I was a waitress at a Tex Mex restaurant, and he was the first customer I served once I was trained. He tipped me THREE HUNDRED dollars. Then, each time he came in and ate in my section, he tipped me a hundred. He said I reminded him of his first love who dumped him because he was poor. Now, he was wealthy and in a loveless marriage. As much as I appreciated the money, I’ll admit, his attention made me uncomfortable. On Valentine’s Day, a dozen of the most beautiful yellow roses I’d ever seen were delivered to the restaurant, from him. Even though they were the most memorable VD gift I’ve ever received, I liked the money a lot more. J


Monique DeVere ~ www.moniquedevere.co.uk

Zach's Rebound Girl ~ Romantic Comedy, light Mystery/Suspense ~ Goodbye quiet geek ... hello hot TV personality

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Much like the heroine in my Valentine’s Day novella, I’m not a big fan of the day. Unlike her, though, I wouldn’t say I hate V. Day. But hubby and I don’t usually celebrate it anymore. When you remain in love after being together for almost thirty years, every day becomes Valentine’s Day. Cheesy? I know. Here’s something even cheesier. I still treasure the first V. Day prezzie my beloved gave me when we were sixteen-year-old sweethearts. It’s a little peach bear wearing an “I Love You” T-shirt. That’s the way my beloved told me he loved me for the first time. Now, all these years on, my little teddy sits on the bookshelf in my study as a constant reminder of true love.


Kathy L Wheeler ~  http://kathylwheeler.com

Quotable ~ Contemporary Romance ~ Obscure quotes to keep people at bay? Whatever works!

254 pages ~ FREE!

In 2002, Valentine’s Day fell on a Thursday. All my girl friends at work called down to Security one at a time to pick up their beautifully arranged, delivered flowers. Everyone but me! I’d been married not quite two years. Hmm. Not a great start, wouldn’t you agree?
As you can imagine I was very upset. But, to my credit, I held my tongue.
That day.
You see, my husband is a very (too) practical man. We’d already accepted an invitation to a Sweetheart’s Dance for Friday evening, the 15th of February, and he thought that sufficed. But on the way to the dance, I had a meltdown. I blasted him on how everyone else got flowers, a phone call, something that showed their significant others were thinking of them. My feelings were really hurt.
After all, we’d only been married two years. That’s much too soon to blow off “the day of love”. Anyway. . .
I was soooo upset. Well, at the Sweetheart’s Dance they had a “Truly Wed” game. You know? Similar to The Newlywed Game. And, as it turns out, my husband and I were selected as contestants. The theme? Communication.
Who won?
We did! And. . .
Now he gets me flowers every year.


Heidi Vanlandingham ~   www.heidivanlandingham.com

Trail of Hope ~ Historical fiction ~ Danger and romance on the Trail of Tears. Will a cursed doll combat evil & help love prevail?

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“Heidi, do you have minute?” Vicky asked. “There’s someone here to see you.”
“As long as it’s not a creditor or my soon-to-be ex. Last thing I need is more trouble.”
Vicky smiled. “The teddy bear waiting out front seems nice.”
I frowned at her. “Did you say teddy bear?”
“Mmmhmm. Has a cute, cuddly face—nice manners too.”
I smiled and threw my arms around her. “It’s him! I know it is!”
I raced into the front lobby and stopped. My smile widened and I ran into my childhood sweetheart’s open arms. “It’s about time you found me.”
David chuckled as he held me tight and whispered, “You’re my valentine, darlin’, always have been.” 


Maria K. Alexander ~  http://mariakalexander.com

Untangle My Heart ~ Contemporary Romance ~ To break free from the past, she’ll need to risk her heart to a man least likely to do forever

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Valentine’s Day has never been one of my favorite holidays. I rarely had a boyfriend on that day and the few times I did while in college, the guy was too poor (or possibly cheap) to buy me more than a stuffed animal. My best memory is when my now husband took me to this Italian restaurant. It was a converted house and was very quaint. We ended up going with another couple. Not too romantic, I guess, but it was a fun evening.
A couple years ago, my blog partners and I wrote Valentine short stories for our blog, The Violet Femmes. My story’s called Flowers for Emma and has all the romance I’d dreamed of. Here’s a link if you’re interested in checking it out. http://thevioletfemmes.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/flowers-for-emma-a-valentines-day-to-remember/


Jasmine Haynes, Pamela Fryer, Haley Whitehall, Raine English, Lois Winston, Mel Curtis  ~

Love, Valentine Style
~ Romance ~ The magic of Valentine’s Day comes alive in a very special holiday anthology of never-before published novellas by award winning and Amazon bestselling authors.

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Every girl dreams of a romantic proposal.  My man made my dream come true.  He showed up at our apartment on Valentine's Day with roses and balloons.  Then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.  Sweet, sappy, and true.  He prides himself on being the more romantic of the two of us.

Question: Which of the six authors of Love, Valentine Style did this happen to?


AN UNCOMMON LOVE ~ Romance ~ What if the life chosen for you isn't the life you'd choose?

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TAKEN BY STORM ~ Romance ~ Feel the desert heat!

208 pages on sale for 99 cents! 

When I think about Valentine’s Day I tend to get nostalgic. Remember in grade school when we used to decorate shoe boxes with doilies and red construction paper hearts? We’re talking back in the good ol’ days when kids weren’t forced to give a valentine to everyone. There would be some boxes that were overflowing (the pretty girl who everyone knew was ranked #1 in the class) and some would have only a couple, if they were lucky (the “weird” kids). I was one of the “weird” kids because we moved a lot when I was in grade school and I wasn't good at making friends. I fared much better in high school when student council would sell lollipops with typed messages attached. I still love giving and getting valentines and making festive goodies to go with them. 


R.T. Wolfe ~  http://www.rtwolfe.com

Savage Echoes, Nickie Savage Series Short Story Prequel ~ Romantic Suspense ~ 

When an anonymous 9-1-1 caller claims responsibility for a missing college student, Detective Nickie Savage is hot on the case. But she needs the help of Duncan Reed, an artist with a photographic memory, who's also determined to cut through her aversion to commitment.

As suspects pile up and time counts down, Nickie faces an even greater challenge: losing the young woman to the same captivity Nickie endured as a child.

50 pages, FREE for Kindle and iBooks, .99c at Barnes and Noble. 

Valentine's Day is coming up. Duncan Reed has a ring in mind for his detective but knows her past scars keep her an arm's length away from commitment. Will his patience run out, or will Nickie trust her heart and say, 'yes?'