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Goodbye summer, hello autumn! Labor Day, which was established as a federal holiday in 1894 to honor achievements of American workers, unofficially marks the end of summer and start of fall. One of my favorite fall treats is Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte so I'm celebrating by giving away a $25 Starbucks gift card and To Be Read pile of signed romance novels from different authors.

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5 Ways to celebrate Romance Awareness Month, including 5 romantic reads

Did you know August is Romance Awareness Month? I love the idea of "raising awareness" about romance. I don't think people intentionally become lackadaisical about romance, but life gets busy. Between work, family and other obligations, it's easy for romance to get bumped to the bottom of the list. Everyone needs a little romance in their lives. Your marital status doesn't matter. Whether you are single, married or it's complicated, you can celebrate Romance Awareness Month.

If you aren't sure what I mean by romance, let's look at the definition for a moment:

Here are five ways to infuse excitement, glamour, mystery, passion, love and romance in your life. Feel free to share your own ideas by comment on this blog post or visiting on Facebook.

Flirt a little.

Buy something silky, slinky, sensuous or sexy. It could be a new pair of shoes, lounging pajamas or lingerie.

Say I Love You to everyone you love, including your furry friends.

Indulge in a decadent treat, something that will make your palate say "OMG". Luscious chocolates, a gooey dessert, a bottle of wine or a meal at your favorite "special occasion" restaurant.

Curl up with a romance novel.

A Cantata of Love audiobook in production

I'm excited to announce that Pearl Hewitt, the talented voice actor who narrated the other three titles in the Code Breakers series, will also narrate Michael and Gabrielle's story. A Cantata of Love will be available on audio in mid-September. Click HERE for an audio sample.

To celebrate this addition to the Code Breakers audiobook series, I'm giving away three sets to three lucky winners. Enter the Triple Play Giveaway by vising me on Facebook and simply Liking, Sharing or Comment on my post.

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The 20 Second REVIEW

Did you like or love the book? Leave a review!

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on August 7, 2016
Excellent book. I was completely engrossed in the story line.

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Kim Hornsby
Bestselling Author of The Dream Jumper Series

Dreams, Palm Trees and Sharks in FREE Bestselling Novel!

Today on the hot summer sand, we have Bestselling Suspense author KIM HORNSBY talking about dreams...

Dreaming is a subject that I find as fascinating as the likelihood of ghosts. Also, how Hugh Jackman got so sexy, but that’s another blog.

According to experts, we all dream when we sleep. There is a scientific explanation for dreaming but I like to think a dream is a visit to another reality. An alternate universe, if you will. Kill-joy scientists say it’s your hind brain not shutting off while you sleep, feeding memories and ideas to your unconscious state, like a pesky toddler who won’t lie down at nap time. Discounting that theory, I delved into dreaming for my first Romantic Suspense Series to explore the what-if’s of this subject. I diligently researched dreams and parapsychology theories and read Freud’s accounts of what he believed dreams to be. “Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious,” he said.

My interest in dreaming has always been fierce because I dream all night long and when I wake I can tell you where I’ve been and what strangeness has invaded my brain. As an example, this morning I woke from a dream that my son and I were buying huge emerald-colored hummingbirds from a train window. I believe that the hummingbird subject came from a discussion my hubby and I had while watching them feed in our backyard last night. As for the train, I glanced at the cover of The Girl on the Train before skipping to my current read on the Kindle before sleep. Maybe I stored a momentary thought on trains. And, just now, I remembered a dream about a tiny dog that fit in the palm of my hand that I was trying to keep safe. It looked like my next door neighbors’ dog and now I’m remembering that they asked me to let her outside this morning while they are at work. See how that works with the brain?

I often dream that I’m in a haunted house with wind swirling around, keeping me from climbing the stairs. Another recurring dream I have is that I’m on vacation, trying to pack a suitcase for my journey home but I’ve accumulated too much junk and can’t fit it all in. Sometimes I’m buried in what I’ve collected on vacation. If you like to interpret dreams, you might say that at the age of 59, I’m worried that I’ve accumulated too much during my life (physically and emotionally.) I worry that I must thin out to return home, or to wind down at this point of my life.

In The Dream Jumper Series, the male protagonist has the unexplained ability to enter other people’s dreams. He must be touching the dreamer when he falls into a meditative state to enter their dream. Once in, he can participate in the dream or simply watch. Having lived with this ability all his life, Jamey Dunn has learned to not fight it. In fact, he uses his gift, first as a Seattle cop, and then in Afghanistan as part of a special forces unit with paranormal abilities. When the story opens, Jamey has lost his ability after a life-threatening jump with an al Qaeda member and is on Maui to chill out and try to re-charge. He runs into an old girlfriend from ten years earlier and when he finds out she’s having strange dreams about a missing husband presumed dead, he offers to help. With a clue that he might be able to enter her dreams, or at the least tap into his sixth sense to help her solve the mystery of her husband’s disappearance, he convinces her to let him watch her sleep.

Can someone actually share a dream? Scientists say no. Freud said it was possible but there is no solid scientific evidence to support his theory. But, when two people are given the same subject matter before sleep, they often share that. Especially if the dreamer is told to not dream about a particular thing. When dreamers were woken in REM to capture the dream’s memory, they were most often both dreaming about the forbidden subject.

Since writing The Dream Jumper Series, I’ve heard from people who share dreams so I’m not discounting the idea. I’ve also heard from expert lucid dreamers (knowing you’re in a dream), dreamers who can fall into a lucid dream state from wake (wake-induced-lucid dreaming) and often people tell me about recurring dreams. When I speak at book clubs, the most common subject of conversation is dreaming. Although there is no scientific data to support the theory of shared dreams, I don’t dismiss the idea that we may one day be able to tap into someone’s subconscious. And if that day ever arrives, dealing with it will be as morally ambiguous a topic as cloning.

In the movie Inception, which came out two years after I thought I invented dream jumping! a team of expert dream jumpers plant ideas in the brains of masterminds to change their actions. I found this movie absolutely fascinating and have watched it many times to see how those screenwriters built the ability and handled the logistics of getting in a dream and getting out. I borrowed their talisman idea for my third book, The Dream Jumper’s Pursuit.
My jumper, Jamey, enters dreams through deep meditation and touch. When he wants to get out of a dream, he returns to the portal where he arrived and jumps out, then wakes. Readers of the series have told me that I’ve handled the ability in such a way to make it believable. I love hearing that. One of my goals in writing the series was to not lose readers over this subject.

Frightening dreams are my subject matter in the Dream Jumper series; those nightmares where you wake in a cold sweat, crying, breathing hard, thanking your lucky stars that it was just a dream, telling yourself that being trapped, or dying, or running for your life was just your hind brain amusing itself while your fore brain shut off for the night. The dream was not a premonition, not predicting the future, not telling you to avoid scuba diving because a sixteen-foot Tiger Shark will bump and bite you in a cave or a grisly ghost with a decomposing body appears…