An Inner Fire now on audio

Here on the sand we have bestselling author Jacki Delecki who's going to tell us a bit about her new audiobook release.

Fans of contemporary romantic suspense can now enjoy An Inner Fire, book 1 in the Grayce Walters series, on audio. Em Eldridge gives voice to the Grayce, an intuitive animal acupuncturist and reluctant amateur sleuth from Seattle.

Enjoy the trailer for this new audiobook release.

InnerFire_promo 04_1 from Jacki Delecki on Vimeo.

Available on Audible, iTunes and Amazon.

Grayce Walters, animal acupuncturist, harbors a secret. She hides her intuitive gifts from the world until she becomes embroiled in arson on Seattle’s waterfront. As a key crime witness, Grayce must convince the attractive, logical, by-the-numbers fire investigator, Ewan Davis, that the fire she witnessed is part of a larger criminal conspiracy. Grayce embarks upon a mission to gather proof of the dangerous threat. She enlists the help of her cross-dressing best friend, her street-wise assistant, and Davis’ poodle, to conduct her own investigation. As her feelings for Davis shift between white hot passion and cold fear, Grayce must risk exposing her secrets to safe Davis’ life. Davis must accept things, he can neither see, nor understand to solve the mystery and finally find the love he has stopped believing in. With nudges from the protective poodle, Grayce and Davis confront shocking betrayal and international crime on the rain soaked streets of Seattle.

Alexa Grace - In Memorium

The Beach is devastated to learn that our fellow author, Alexa Grace, has lost her battle with Thymic Cancer and passed away.
Not only a member of Beach Read Authors, but an author who participated in several Suspense Box Sets with many of the BRA authors, Alexa was always cheerful, positive and ;helpful in promoting our projects, using her own money to buy ads for us smaller authors. She was grateful when we decided to donate a portion of our proceeds from the box sets to Thymic Cancer Research and touched that her fellow authors would do this.

I didn't know Alexa face to face but always held out hope we'd cross paths at a writers' conference someday. She'd achieved USA Today Bestselling status, writing Romantic Suspense and is still selling well on Amazon. With two series, the Deadly Series and the Profile Series, Alexa has thousands of reviews, probably millions of fans and will be missed in the Romance community as a prolific author. Her permafree lead-in to the Deadly Series is ranked in the top 1500 free on Amazon and has over 3,000 reviews.

Here's what her Amazon bio says:

Alexa Grace is the USA TODAY bestselling author of riveting romantic suspense novels including the Deadly Series and the Profile Series.
Alexa's journeys into suspense are accurate police procedurals with a healthy dose of passion.A voracious reader, she has been influenced by writers ranging from James Patterson to Lisa Gardner to Nora Roberts.
Her books, Deadly Offerings and Profile of Evil,have been recognized by RT Book Reviews as Top Picks.  Profile of Terror was awarded Best Romantic Suspense of 2014 by the Little Shop of Readers Reviewers Choice.
Alexa Grace earned a bachelor's degree in Communication and a Master's degree in Education from Indiana State University.  Before becoming a full-time author, she worked as a corporate training director.
An Indiana native, Alexa divides her time between Indiana and Florida. She has a daughter and four Miniature Schnauzers, three of which are rescues.   As a writer, she is fueled by Starbucks lattes, chocolate and communicating with her street team and readers.

If you have a twitter account, please take a moment to tweet for Alexa's books in memorium.

RIP Profile of Fear - 5 Star Action & Romance!  #IANRTG

Alexa's books live on at Beach Read Authors

Kim Hornsby

3 Reasons to Attend a Reader/Writer Event

Here on the sand we have Award-Winning Author, Jacki Delecki, who's going to tell us a bit about attending reader/writer events.

One of the rising trends in the book community is the proliferation of reader and writer events. Back in the day, authors used book signings as a venue to connect with readers. With the closure of many brick-and-mortar book stores and the evolution of the digital marketplace, traditional book signings are a less popular option, especially when compared to everything a reader/author event (sometimes called a reader appreciation event) offers.

If you haven't attended a reader/writer event, here are three reasons to finish the chapter you're currently reading and find an event to explore today!
  1.  SWAG! Event coordinators usually assemble a goody bag for attendees, but authors also have lots (and lots) of goodies. Tip: Bring an extra tote or backpack to carry all the great stuff you collect. You can always tell the hardcore readers who have attended events before because they bring those wheeled-shopper carts!
  2. Make new book friends. Everyone at a reader/writer event is there because they love books - reading them or writing them. This fun and friendly environment makes it easy to chat with strangers. You might even make a new BBF (book best friend)!
  3. Meet the real person behind the book cover. Have you ever wondered what your favorite author is like in real life? Connecting in person gives you chance to bond over shared interests, laugh over an inside joke or just express how much you enjoy their work.
Each reader/writer event is different. Some last a few hours; some a few days. Some are free; some require paid admission. Some include a variety of genres; some are genre specific. Most include a book signing and opportunity to mix and mingle with authors.

I'm participating in the Reader & Writer Event in Seattle, June 3, 2017. This event includes more than 50 authors, hot cover models and other "bookish" fun. If you're in the area, get a ticket before the event is sold out. If not, look online for other reader/writer events and have a great time!

Reader and Writer Author Event - Seattle, WA
Featuring authors and cover models!
June 3, 2017 - WithinSodo, Seattle, WA
Facebook Event Page:

Toby Neal Launches New Series!

Today on the BEACH, we are happy to welcome one of our own authors, Toby Neal, who is writing a Romantic Pandemic series with Emily Kimelman that will stretch over many books. The first one, Scorch Road, available for pre-order now (Jan 31st launch).

This is a post pulled off Facebook on Toby and Emily's site, written by them:

Ok, just a little somethin' somethin about the WOMEN of the Scorch Series.Who could we dream up to match the awesome Luciano brothers? Each brother finds just the right woman in our stories...and some of the pairings surprise!
1) These women are all amazing. (like you and me and US!)
2) they all have flaws and challenges that get worked on during the journey and in the relationship (like us!)
3) Variety of careers: biologist, schoolteacher, virology expert, ER doctor, law student, actress (like us!)
4) All kinds of bodies! Waify and wiry, chubby and fulsome, muscular with big booty, slim with large boobs, Hollywood yoga, short and curvy (like us!)
5) Able to take a lickin' and keep on tickin (you can interpret that a number of ways!) but love their men enough to follow them through hell and lead the way, and enjoy being carried when the situation calls for it (like us!)
6) Variety of intelligences: supersmart to average.(like us!)
7) Variety of backgrounds and issues,minorities and economic classes from American aristocracy to trailer trash (like us!)
Yes, Emily Kimelman-Gilvey and I had so much fun creating these women. Unlike our other books, we developed all the characters, the world of the books,the plot of the pandemic and the outlines of each story ahead of time.
And we think its led to the creation of something truly special. Hope you all are enjoying Scorch Road and getting ready to find out what your awesome Launch Bonus is! We appreciate YOU, and YOU inspire us. ~Toby
P.S. thanks so much to all of you who posted reviews on Goodreads, they are thrilling to read, and we hope you won't mind reposting them on Amazon when the books go live! :)
What makes a heroine in a story someone you root for?

Comment Below for the Launch Bonus entry!

Speaking at Barnes & Noble Maui

The Beach is happy to welcome one of our most faithful bloggers, Kim Hornsby, who is actually going to a beach soon! Read on...

This week I'm packing my sunscreen and string bikini (not!) and am heading to Maui. I 'm so excited I could spit.
I'll be flying Thursday at dawn, arriving shortly after (time difference) and heading to this beach below to run in the water with happy tears streaming down my face.

My girlfriend Eliza is coming with me and we are staying at Lynn's house where I wrote and staged THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE.
Lynn has a big hammock on her porch overlooking Molokai, tea lights everywhere, a cute little dog, an open concept house filled with Hawaiian artifacts and my dive gear in her attic. Eliza, Lynn and I will talk about how growing older sucks and doesn't and will make breakfasts with home-grown papayas and bananas, will laugh about funny cat YouTube videos, will wear cotton sundresses over bathing suits, listen to the cockatiel next door squawk constantly, and will head off to Barnes & Noble on Saturday for my talk at 2 pm on writing a mystery novel that was set on Maui.
Yes, my friends, I am speaking at Maui's only bookstore on the Saturday and hoping against hope that someone besides Lynn and Eliza attend. Actually, I've heard from six other friends that they will come so I won't be standing at a table talking to the same two friends I've been talking to for days.

If you are on Maui on Saturday January 14th at 2 pm, I beg you to stop in and prove to Barnes & Noble that taking a chance on an Indie Author was a good thing. I'll even give you the cash to buy my book from them. Use the code words "Slip me cash, please." No questions.

See you there and if the talk goes long, let's head on over to Aloha Mixed Plate to drink Kona ale and eat traditional Hawaiian macaroni salad and grilled humuhumunukunukuapuaa. (kidding--it's the state fish!)

Kim Hornsby is a National Bestselling Author who lives in the Seattle area, overlooking a tree-lined lake. Once a Maui Scuba Instructor and Entertainer on Maui, Kim writes Suspense novels set in exotic, interesting locations.


Holiday Freebies!


Who doesn't love Freebies? No one.
Below are a few promotional specials for your reading pleasure for the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Christmas in Whistler - A Christmasy Romance set in Whistler, Canada, among evergreens, snowy mountains, and mistletoe. Daria is tempted to have a well-deserved Holiday fling with a dashing French vintner but worries her heart will be broken when the holidays end.
Free Dec 21-23
Christmas in Whistler

Dream Come True - A Holiday Suspense set in snowy Carnation, Washington at Pops' old homestead with Jamey and Tina, telepaths who foresee the house burning to the ground on Christmas Eve.
FREE Dec 26-29

Dream Come True

The Dream Jumper's Secret - A Supernatural Romantic Suspense set in Seattle, Afghanistan and the dream world, Tina struggles to understand this new life of entering dreams and the secrets that must be kept along with the gift.
FREE Dec 28-31
The Dream Jumper's Secret

Amazon's Kindle Worlds -- Worth it for Authors?

TODAY on the BEACH, we have Suspense author Kim Hornsby who's been known to enjoy the sand between her toes on occasion. Take it away, Kim...

Amazon has a lot going on for authors. Their building must be bursting at the seams with all the programs they offer. Amazon Encore, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle Countdown, Select, Amazon Scout, Kindle Unlimited...

Kindle Worlds is one of their relatively new programs that allows pretty much anyone to write a Fan Fiction novella or novel from their list of Bestsellers and if it passes Amazon's content scrutiny, they'll publish your book, plunk their Kindle Worlds badge in the corner of your cover and take some royalties when you sell.

When this program began 5 years ago, any character you developed belonged to Kindle Worlds and you could not tie in your own previously written works or characters in the KW book.

Kindle Worlds Available - The List

I recently attended a panel on KW at a Writing Conference and the authors on that panel are allowed to tie in their own novels with their KW books. The K World they all write for is a medieval romance series and their World Owner negotiated a contract to include this. The contemporary romance writers on the panel said they made their KW characters descendants of the well-known Kings and Queens in the World. I'm not sure if this is beneficial or not.
The one I write for doesn't allow tie ins to your previously written works but I have loads of crossover traffic to my series that's set in the Hawaiian islands and is also Suspense/Crime. I've gained many readers, including beta readers and our world has formed a group that supports each other on social media, in and out of the World.
Thanks to our World Owner, Toby Neal, who is involved in our efforts in a very big way, we even have our own closed Facebook Group where we confer on loads of stuff, KW-related.
World owners, NY Times Bestselling Authors, and very successful novelists in their own right are now crossing into other Worlds and writing spin offs to either support their friend's World or to gain readers! Toby Neal writes for Sydney Rye, Bella Andre writes for one...

If you're interested in broadening your readership, consider this:

Go to the Kindle Worlds site, chose a book with a huge following that you feel you can do a good job with, research the World to make sure this is a good fit, and then write your book. The guidelines are listed on the site to tell you which characters you can use, book length, and royalty information. Different World owners have different sets of criteria.

I write for the Lei Crime Kindle World for several reasons. HAWAII! and I love the series, Toby Neal's writing style, and the characters.
Initially I was lured in by her gorgeous covers when I saw our books side by side on a book shelf in Kihei, Maui. I read two books, loved them and contacted her to say so. She asked me to join her World and I put one of her novellas in my Suspense Box Set.
I later found out her husband is a photographer and is responsible for these amazing cover photos.
I was excited to sharpen my writing skills by trying my hand at a Toby book. It was easier than writing one of my own books because I used her characters and locations. Riding Toby Neal's coattails proved to be a good business move for me.
My novella, Rocky Bluff, at 40,000 words, basically wrote itself in 2 months, and has done well. I made some money, made friends as well as business contacts and beta readers (Toby shared her list with us!!!)  and cast my net wider as an author.
I'm proud of the Murder Mystery that I crafted and look forward to writing another in a series of Bluff books. I left the plot open in Rocky Bluff for the next book. I'm off to Maui January 2017 to meet with Toby and to plot out my next KW book!

I asked several Lei Crime World Authors to answer questions on their experience. All were previously published authors when they took on Lei Crime World.
Here's what Amy Shojai, Julie Gilbert and Scott Bury had to say:


1. How many books in the series did you read of the World Author?

More (probably 12 or so thus far...)

2. How many books had you published when you decided to write for KW?

3 fiction books, and 30+ nonfiction

3. What was your reason for writing for this KW Series?

Experiment with length (novella) and reach additional readers

4. Did you contact the author or just start writing your book?

The author contacted me! 

5. Did the author support your book and your writing?

Absolutely. Toby Neal was incredibly supportive, organized launch parties/promotions and helped with resources regarding her "world."

6. Did he/she give any guidelines as to which characters were available and which were off limits?


7. Did you write a novel or novella and how long did it take you?

I wrote a novella, just under 25,000 words. I tend to write slowly, and had the concept early but was working on other projects at the same time. It took me about four months to write.

8. Did you write in the author’s style, your own, or a mix of both?

I write in my own style.

9. Did you have your work professionally edited?

Yes, I had the work both edited and copy-edited.

10. Did you have a cover made by a professional?

I designed my own cover.

11. How easy was Kindle Worlds to work with? Upload? Guidelines? Help with Cover?

The KW platform is a bit clunky and at times buggy. Uploading the text itself worked fine but I had a lot of trouble with the cover. Eventually, I had to delete the whole thing and start over--and it finally worked. 

12. What were the benefits of you writing for this particular world?

Probably the top benefit was meeting and working with Toby Neal and her AWESOME group of KW contributors! I have plans to write at least 2 more in this KW as sequels to my first novella. Secondly, I've reached new readers who already love Toby's "world" and her characters. They're already eager to find out more about the backstory of Keiki, the police dog, as she grows from clueless puppy into the wonderful Rottweiler protector of Lei in Toby's series.


Amy Shojai, CABC

30+ Pet Care Titles &
Thrillers with Bite!

And here's what Julie Gilbert said:
1. How many books in the series did you read of the World Author?
I think I’m in this range. I heard the audiobooks up through Twisted Vine for Toby Neal’s Lei Crime Series.

2. How many books had you published when you decided to write for KW?
8 ish.

3. What was your reason for writing for this KW Series?
I found the idea of KW intriguing. It’s a chance to see what you can do with established characters. In some ways, it’s a different kind of writing than one does with their own works. I’d done mystery before but not ones that fit in more mainstream and thriller categories. It was a cool challenge for me.

4. Did you contact the author or just start writing your book?
I sort of attached myself to the coat-tails of Toby Neal’s launching Lei Crime KW. We’d talked a bit on Facebook, and I heard about KW through her blog announcement. I knew I had a few weeks to make the deadline, so I hopped on board.

5. Did the author support your book and your writing?
I’ve worked for and with a grand total of two authors in launching their Kindle Worlds, so I can’t speak for everybody. But, yes, I’ve found them both very supportive.

6. Did he/she give any guidelines as to which characters were available and which were off limits?
I think Toby only had two that were off-limits. I’m not sure Emily Kimmelman had any. I knew I was just going with Sydney Rye anyway with that series, so it didn’t matter as much to me who couldn’t be named.

7. Did you write a novel or novella and how long did it take you?
All my KW stories are novellas. Back in the day, we were advised that the sweet spot of sorts with KW is about 25-30 thousand words. I just stuck with that. I think that advice was given to launch people just to give us a starting point that wouldn’t scare people off.
The rough drafts for my KW stories take about 2 weeks to put together. Then, I do about a ½ week of edits, give to some beta readers, and make corrections. Total time is about 3 weeks if I’m working my day job at the same time. About 2 weeks if I can concentrate on that in the summer.

8. Did you write in the author’s style, your own, or a mix of both?
My style.

9. Did you have your work professionally edited?
Not the KW story. I just read it 3-4 times myself and asked about 12 people to look at it. Then read it again.

10. Did you have a cover made by a professional?
Define professional? All my covers are made by other people. I don’t know if my cover art lady solely makes a living off of her work or just does it as a hobby, but if you define professional as makes money doing it, then yes.

11. How easy was Kindle Worlds to work with? Upload? Guidelines? Help with Cover?
On an amazon rating scale they get a 4/5 stars from me. The process has mostly been easy, but their cover creator thing is about the clunkiest program out there. They do NOT make it easy to upload your own cover or change your uploaded file. You have to practically right click in a certain, magical spot and hope you get the option to upload a new option. Other than that, it’s been decent to me.

12. What were the benefits of you writing for this particular world?

There are modest financial benefits to writing for KWs. There’s also the chance to meet other writers and new readers through those other writers. I don’t think it’s a get-rich-quick scheme, but it’s steady enough to pay for itself, meaning I can make enough to pay off the cover in a month or so. It’s also great to keep exploring new worlds. It stretches the writing muscles. Writing shorter stories (novellas) is a different sort of beast than a novel. They’re a lot of fun to put together. You get to let the imagination run wild for a bit, but you also have to make sense.

Julie C. Gilbert

And here's what Scott Bury said:

1. How many books in the series did you read of the Lei Crime Series by Toby Neal?

I had read three books in the Lei Crime series before Toby Neal invited me to join the new Lei Crime Kindle World back in late 2014. I realized that I could not complete a novella in time for the first publishing date of April 1, 2015, but I did manage for the second “flight” in July 2015.

2. How many books had you published when you decided to write for KW?

I had published three full length novels by then: The Bones of the Earth, a historical fantasy; One Shade of Red, a spoof of the biggest seller of the time; and Army of Worn Soles, the first part of the memoir of my father-in-law, a Red Army soldier during World War II.

3. What was your reason for writing for this KW Series?

I liked Toby Neal’s work, and she invited me.

4. Did you contact the author or just start writing your book?

The author contacted me. She gave me a lot of advice. I sent her the outline of my first Lei Crime book, Torn Roots, and she gave me excellent feedback. Later, I sent her a draft, and again, she provided invaluable insight. I even took the opportunity to take my vacation in Maui, the setting for the book and Toby’s home, and she graciously agreed to meet with me. It all helped a lot. Toby even read the first draft of my second Lei Crime mystery, Palm Trees & Snowflakes.

5. Did the author support your book and your writing?

Toby Neal has been instrumental in the success of the Lei Crime Kindle World, organizing promotions and supplying information, feedback, guidance and inspiration for all of us.

6. Did he/she give any guidelines as to which characters were available and which were off limits?

Toby has been the best of the original KW authors I have worked with in terms of the information about her world and characters.

7. Did you write a novel or novella and how long did it take you?

It took me about three months in total to write Torn Roots. Palm Trees & Snowflakes took a matter of weeks, but it’s half the length. My third Lei Crime book, Dead Man Lying, took a little over a month to write, plus time for editing and rewriting.

8. Did you write in the author’s style, your own, or a mix of both?

I maintain my own style, but Toby’s style comes through a little in the personalities of the characters she created, because he style is so vivid.
9. Did you have your work professionally edited?

Absolutely! Otherwise, I could not call myself a professional writer.

10. Did you have a cover made by a professional?

Again, yes – all my covers are done by the outstanding David C. Cassidy.

11. How easy was Kindle Worlds to work with? Upload? Guidelines? Help with Cover?

I face the same hurdle that do all KW writers who are not from the U.S.: KW titles and the interface are not available beyond the U.S. borders. So I had to send the files to a contractor in New York, who uploaded them for me.

12. What were the benefits of you writing for this particular world?

It exposed me to many more readers than I had already found, as well as a whole new range of reviewers and book bloggers. And that exposed my work to them. I know that several of the readers of my KW titles have since read my other — I know that from the reviews of my other books, the latest of which are by reviewers of my Lei Crime books.

Thank you for this opportunity!
Scott Bury

Do you need to be asked by the World Owner? Heck no! But they might be thrilled to have you on board so contact them.

Here's the Worlds available to you on the Amazon site and good luck:
Kindle Worlds Available