Kim Hornsby

Amazon Best Selling Author of Romantic Suspense, Kim is thrilled to be part of the Beach Read Authors. Even though she doesn’t live on a beach, Kim surrounds herself with memories of eleven years of teaching scuba diving on Maui. With the view of a lake from her house, a pond in the backyard, and fish aquariums in the house, Kim keeps the water close.

Living near Seattle with her two kids, 19 year-old Jack and 14 year-old Ila, two silly dogs, and one funny husband, Kim has launched her late-in-life career of writing novels. She creates what she calls Romantic Women’s Fiction, crossing the genres of Suspense, Paranormal, Contemporary Romance and Chick Lit.

Travel, adventure and romance are at the heart of her novels, with twists and turns thrown in to keep discerning readers guessing until the end. Kim loves hearing from readers at

Favorite Beach: Any tropical teal-colored cove with rocky ends to allow for fantastic diving at the outer edges and calm swimming off the beach! Kapalua Bay, Maui, comes to mind, and the nude beach near Makenna (Little Beach) does not come to mind at all.

Award-Winner of Chanticleer Paranormal Mystery Thriller 2013
Nominated for Best Indie First Book - The Dream Jumper's Promise
Finalist in the Rone Awards


The Dream Jumper's Promise (Top Ten Press)
Did Hank die surfing off Maui or did he desert his new wife? Scuba diving instructor and business owner in Lahaina Maui, Tina Green is worse off ten months after the presumed death of her husband and doesn't know why she can't move on. When an old boyfriend, Jamey Dunn, walks back into her life. dreams of Hank have the dive instructor questioning her sanity and have Jamey wondering if he should reveal his secret. While Tina leans heavily on Hank's best friend, Noble, things heat up. Jamey and Noble clash at every turn, both desperate to help Tina, both seemingly in love with her. Suspecting that Tina's dreams hold clues to Hank's disappearance Jamey reveals his strange ability to enter dreams. Trusting the man who betrayed her years before, doesn't come easily and as Tina, Noble and Jamey decipher the mystery of Hank's disappearance, danger sets in to reveal that one person is flirting with insanity, one is a traitor, and one is a murderer.

The Dream Jumper's Secret (Top Ten Press)
Tina Greene has finally found a person she can trust. Or can she? Jamey might have secrets but are they only the ones he must keep as part of Sixth Force in the military? When Jamey leaves Maui for Seattle to visit his daughters, Tina worries that he’ll return to the war in Afghanistan. Circumstances soon lead her back to Mercer Island, to help with a family emergency. An uncovered secret has Tina doubting Jamey’s commitment to their relationship and when the military comes for Jamey, their relationship takes a strange turn. A series of events have the two trying to save each other’s lives in dire circumstances. But just when happiness looms, Jamey has a final secret that must be told to save Tina from Jamey’s worst nightmare. 

The Dream Jumper's Pursuit (Top Ten Press)

Necessary Detour (The Wild Rose Press)
After a stalker's attack, rock star Goldy Crossland flees L.A. for her secluded lake house in Northern Washington. Retired from the music business, she hopes to avoid both the press and her psychotic fan. But obscurity leaves her restless, and when a mysterious--and disturbingly handsome--new neighbor moves in, she can't resist spying. Pete Bayer is undeniably attractive, but Goldy quickly realizes there's something strange going on in the log house across the bay. Is he a member of the paparazzi? Or a much more sinister threat? Despite her suspicions, Goldy can't deny her fascination with him. When the press discovers her hideout, it's Pete who offers an escape route, but it comes with a price. Unwillingly drawn into his dangerous world, Goldy soon learns the reason behind Pete's secrecy--and her crush on her charming neighbor takes a deadly turn.

Sweet Summertime Love (Cajunflair Publishing)
Anthology of Short Stories
Brighten your days and warm your nights with this award winning collection of Sweet and Sensual Summer Themed Love Stories...
Christmas by Candlelight (Cajunflair Publishing)

Anthology of Short Stories
Cuddle up with a loved one, a cup of hot cocoa or a mug of mulled cider with this cozy collection of Christmas Themed Love Stories... 


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