The Heart Rules in New Beach Read Romance

I’m so excited to be a part of this great new blog, and to be called a “Beach Read Author.” Really, there’s no greater compliment.

My goal with my books is to entertain my readers, to make them feel good about love and life as they turn that last page--and that’s exactly the type of book I like to read when I’m sitting on a beach (not that I’ve had that luxury in a while...), or relaxing on my couch, or in my bed...

Entertain & Seduce Me

When I have time to read, the last thing I want is something serious and literary (no offense to literary authors). I want to be entertained. I want to have fun. I want to be swept away in a larger than life romance. I want to imagine I’m the heroine and pretend it’s me falling in love with the hunky hero.

You mean this Ryan Gosling?
Who wants to be the heroine in an Oprah Bookclub pick, eh? Not me. I’d probably be killed off, maimed or otherwise tortured. No thank you. I’d prefer to have hot sex with a hot guy and live happily after with him.

In fact, if I had to pick an actress to play my character in a movie... My heroine is late 30s, so maybe Penelope Cruz. For my hero... a buff Ryan Gosling!

Romance Rules Over Rational

John and Samantha are the hero and heroine of my latest release, SHAMELESS. Neither of them is looking for love; in fact, both of them are trying to avoid it for various reasons. Needless to say, their antagonistic attitudes toward each other make for some sizzling chemistry.

Although this is a beach read, there are no beach scenes in SHAMELESS (not that there has to be LOL)—it’s set in Seattle, where the sun doesn’t shine all that often—but I do have a scene on John’s yacht, where it’s raining.

Of course. Samantha notices the boat is named Alimony and thinks that’s appropriate considering his past, and it’s a good reminder to keep her distance from him. John thinks it’s a good reminder of what he needs to avoid in the future.

Do either of them listen to those rational voices in their heads? Of course not. This is a beach read—the heart rules everything!