Love Family Feud? Love Winning Prizes? This Blog is for You! by Alicia Dean

I used to love watching game shows, and Family Feud was among my favorites. I think I loved the game so much, because you didn't have to be smart to do well. They surveyed people and used the top answers, so you just had to be 'average.' Yep, 'average' I can do. :)


I thought it would be fun to play a Facebook version of Family Feud, so some author friends and I got together and created Fiction Fanatics Feud. Each Saturday, we post three questions (one is related to romance or other genres such as paranormal, suspense, historical). We give people an opportunity to answer the questions, and visit each author site to perform an 'Author Love' task, such as liking our Amazon or Facebook page, etc. Entrants gain points for the task, PLUS, they gain points for attempting to answer the questions, right or wrong.


As an example, this week's questions are: 

Fiction Fanatics Feud Question 1:

Name a recreational activity traditionally done in hot weather

Fiction Fanatics Feud Question 2:

Name the most popular ways for villains to commit murder

Fiction Fanatics Feud Question 3:

Name something people do while riding a roller coaster

Feel free to pop over to Facebook and join in the fun by clicking HERE:


And/or, feel free to give your guesses in the comments of this post (but then, you won't be entered to win prizes! ;))


What are your favorite game shows? Do you still watch them? For me, I no longer have time to watch them, and I don't care for the new ones popping up. But, Family Feud has stood the test of time and is still on. Who was your favorite Family Feud host?