Rebecca J. Clark


A former Golden Heart finalist, Rebecca J. Clark writes steamy and sweet contemporary romances for The Wild Rose Press and Bookstrand. She recently self-published her first book, Shameless. Its prequel will be coming out soon!

When she’s not writing, you can find her at her local gym where she trains clients & teaches kickboxing, yoga & Pilates. All this exercise allows her to eat her favorite comfort food—Cheetos—guilt free.

Becky lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband of 26 years and two almost adult kids (okay, so one is technically an adult, but Becky still thinks of her as a kid, so...), a German Shepherd beast who lives to chase her two cats who plot to kill the dog. Don’t get her started on the number of dust bunnies…

Favorite Beach: Honestly, I haven't traveled to too many beaches in my life (although I'd like to change that). I remember my favorite place to go as a kid was a creek a few miles from my house. You had to cross the railroad tracks and cut through someone's farm to get to it. A rickety old bridge crossed, and I'd sit there and dangle my bare feet in the water for hours, listening to the water gurgle across the stones, and would daydream...about someday being Nancy Drew or a famous author--I couldn't decide.


Shameless(Rebecca J. Clark)
Heat rating: Steamy contemporary

She's everything he never wanted.
Deliver the Moon
(The Wild Rose Press)
Heat rating: Somewhat steamy

Once upon a time, he promised her the moon.
It's time to deliver.
Her One-Night Prince
Heat rating: Sweet

This is a Cinderella story about a woman’s dream
to be something she’s not for just one night
at her class reunion.
Borrowed Stilettos
(The Wild Rose Press;
First Champagne Rose Edition)
Heat rating: Ssssteamy!

A classic case of mistaken identity...only this time, it's no mistake. 


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