What's a Beach Read?

When you hear the phrase "beach read" what do you think of? Yes, sitting on a beach comes to mind, but the term "beach read" means something much more.

"Beach read" implies a novel that is the talk of book club, one that you can't put down, a story that is so compelling you can't wait to pick it up again. A real page-turner that's on everyone's lips, a novel you download for vacation and are looking forward to reading when you can steal moments to yourself. Like that piece of tiramisu in the fridge you covet, your morning cup of coffee, a bubble bath with candles... a necessary form of escape and entertainment.

And for that reason, I've created this blog called BeachReadAuthors.

My goal as a novelist is to write that story you can't put down, one that entertains women when they need to escape into someone else's life, a story that gives women something to look forward to when life gets hectic. No matter the genre--suspense, romance, paranormal, young adult, literary, women's fiction, or historical fiction--as long as readers can't tear themselves away from the page, I call that story a "beach read" and I invited authors to this blog who fit that standard.

A great beach read does not have to be read at a luxurious poolside resort or in a ski resort hot tub. You can escape into a book anywhere. The story just needs to be compelling.

Kim Hornsby, Founder BeachReadAuthors