Why Did You Write THAT?

Today on the BEACH we have Pat White! If you've ever wondering how this suburban mother got into World Championship Wrestling to write her comedic Contemporary Romances, read on...

Why Did You Write That?

Sometimes people are mystified by how we writers choose our topics.  I mean, what would compel a Mid-western housewife to write a romance set in pro-wrestling? 

The truth is, it’s my grandma’s fault.

She used to sit me in front of her black and white TV when I was a little girl to watch Sunday morning wrestling, packed with excitement, adventure and high stakes drama.  The image of Grandma, or Googie as we called her, a prim and proper elderly lady waving her fist at the TV during a match has stayed with me, let me tell you.  Heck, I thought every kid’s grandma watched pro-wrestling and shouted at the refs.

From watching pro wrestling with Googie I learned that life wasn’t always fair, and that the wrestlers only pretended to get hurt – it was all part of the show.


Some years later, as the mother of two boys, I happened to be passing through our family room and noticed they were watching World Championship Wrestling. 
I smiled, remembering Googie.  Then I sat down and watched for a few minutes.  Wrestling had certainly changed since I was a kid.  The wrestlers of today were muscular, toned and, well… hot!  The other thing I noticed was how dangerous the “sport” had become.  Now the wrestlers were jumping off fifteen-foot cages onto folding tables and being locked in cages to fight until someone passed out.  These guys were risking their bodies for…for…what?  Fame?  Money?  What motivated them to participate in a form of entertainment that was ridiculed by non-fans? My writer brain was hooked.

While doing research about pro-wrestling, I discovered that although pro-wrestling is considered “fake” the injuries are quite real.  A pro-wrestler’s list of injuries can rival any other professional athlete’s.  So besides the potentially serious injuries, wrestlers are also looked down upon.  After all, everyone knows pro-wrestling isn’t real.  Or is it? 

That’s what inspired my first book in my romantic comedy series, GOT A HOLD ON YOU.  Through their journey, Francine and Jack will struggle with their own definitions of real and will learn that in the end what’s real is what’s in your heart.


What’s real about pro-wrestling?  What I learned was that pro-wrestlers are just regular guys trying to make a living doing something they enjoy.  Hmmm, sounds like a great idea!

Note: Be sure to check out Pat's Author Page on Beach Read Authors to see her Ringside Romance Series.




  1. I have read the series and it is funny and fun and great writing, Pat. Loved the characters and cute stories but I did initially wonder how you got into wrestling!

  2. I must admit, I haven't read this series yet, but it has inspired me to add it to my ever growing TBR list of books. While you were watching Sunday morning wrestling with your Googie, we were watching Killer Kowalski and Pedro Morales with my dad. Mom was usually cooking, or if she was present, she sat there with a book in her hand, trying to block out the noise. It's not necessarily that I wanted to watch it...but one tv set...and dad got to choose the station. My son was into it in later years, as it got more staged with the Ted DiBiases, Hacksaw Duggans, and Hulk Hogans. Yeah...I had to look up all these names...couldn't come up with anyone off the top of my head. But as I saw them, I was like, "Oh yeah, I remember watching him with dad," or "That's the one my son and his cousins loved to watch." So, while watching wrestling isn't my thing, your post sure brought back some memories for me. Thanks, Pat.

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    1. John: What has this got to do with Pat's blog?