Toby Neal Launches New Series!

Today on the BEACH, we are happy to welcome one of our own authors, Toby Neal, who is writing a Romantic Pandemic series with Emily Kimelman that will stretch over many books. The first one, Scorch Road, available for pre-order now (Jan 31st launch).

This is a post pulled off Facebook on Toby and Emily's site, written by them:

Ok, just a little somethin' somethin about the WOMEN of the Scorch Series.Who could we dream up to match the awesome Luciano brothers? Each brother finds just the right woman in our stories...and some of the pairings surprise!
1) These women are all amazing. (like you and me and US!)
2) they all have flaws and challenges that get worked on during the journey and in the relationship (like us!)
3) Variety of careers: biologist, schoolteacher, virology expert, ER doctor, law student, actress (like us!)
4) All kinds of bodies! Waify and wiry, chubby and fulsome, muscular with big booty, slim with large boobs, Hollywood yoga, short and curvy (like us!)
5) Able to take a lickin' and keep on tickin (you can interpret that a number of ways!) but love their men enough to follow them through hell and lead the way, and enjoy being carried when the situation calls for it (like us!)
6) Variety of intelligences: supersmart to average.(like us!)
7) Variety of backgrounds and issues,minorities and economic classes from American aristocracy to trailer trash (like us!)
Yes, Emily Kimelman-Gilvey and I had so much fun creating these women. Unlike our other books, we developed all the characters, the world of the books,the plot of the pandemic and the outlines of each story ahead of time.
And we think its led to the creation of something truly special. Hope you all are enjoying Scorch Road and getting ready to find out what your awesome Launch Bonus is! We appreciate YOU, and YOU inspire us. ~Toby
P.S. thanks so much to all of you who posted reviews on Goodreads, they are thrilling to read, and we hope you won't mind reposting them on Amazon when the books go live! :)
What makes a heroine in a story someone you root for?

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this for us!!

  2. I loved this book and reviewed on Goodreads as Kimmy's Korner!