Speaking at Barnes & Noble Maui

The Beach is happy to welcome one of our most faithful bloggers, Kim Hornsby, who is actually going to a beach soon! Read on...

This week I'm packing my sunscreen and string bikini (not!) and am heading to Maui. I 'm so excited I could spit.
I'll be flying Thursday at dawn, arriving shortly after (time difference) and heading to this beach below to run in the water with happy tears streaming down my face.

My girlfriend Eliza is coming with me and we are staying at Lynn's house where I wrote and staged THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE.
Lynn has a big hammock on her porch overlooking Molokai, tea lights everywhere, a cute little dog, an open concept house filled with Hawaiian artifacts and my dive gear in her attic. Eliza, Lynn and I will talk about how growing older sucks and doesn't and will make breakfasts with home-grown papayas and bananas, will laugh about funny cat YouTube videos, will wear cotton sundresses over bathing suits, listen to the cockatiel next door squawk constantly, and will head off to Barnes & Noble on Saturday for my talk at 2 pm on writing a mystery novel that was set on Maui.
Yes, my friends, I am speaking at Maui's only bookstore on the Saturday and hoping against hope that someone besides Lynn and Eliza attend. Actually, I've heard from six other friends that they will come so I won't be standing at a table talking to the same two friends I've been talking to for days.

If you are on Maui on Saturday January 14th at 2 pm, I beg you to stop in and prove to Barnes & Noble that taking a chance on an Indie Author was a good thing. I'll even give you the cash to buy my book from them. Use the code words "Slip me cash, please." No questions.

See you there and if the talk goes long, let's head on over to Aloha Mixed Plate to drink Kona ale and eat traditional Hawaiian macaroni salad and grilled humuhumunukunukuapuaa. (kidding--it's the state fish!)

Kim Hornsby is a National Bestselling Author who lives in the Seattle area, overlooking a tree-lined lake. Once a Maui Scuba Instructor and Entertainer on Maui, Kim writes Suspense novels set in exotic, interesting locations.


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