Holiday Freebies!


Who doesn't love Freebies? No one.
Below are a few promotional specials for your reading pleasure for the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Christmas in Whistler - A Christmasy Romance set in Whistler, Canada, among evergreens, snowy mountains, and mistletoe. Daria is tempted to have a well-deserved Holiday fling with a dashing French vintner but worries her heart will be broken when the holidays end.
Free Dec 21-23
Christmas in Whistler

Dream Come True - A Holiday Suspense set in snowy Carnation, Washington at Pops' old homestead with Jamey and Tina, telepaths who foresee the house burning to the ground on Christmas Eve.
FREE Dec 26-29

Dream Come True

The Dream Jumper's Secret - A Supernatural Romantic Suspense set in Seattle, Afghanistan and the dream world, Tina struggles to understand this new life of entering dreams and the secrets that must be kept along with the gift.
FREE Dec 28-31
The Dream Jumper's Secret

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