Secrets, Palm Trees and Lies on MAUI

Today on the Beach, we are happy to welcome the Bestselling Amazon Author of THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE, Kim Hornsby. Rumor has it, you've written the prequel to the Award-Winning Suspense/Romance about a man who can enter dreams. Tell us more, Kim...

I'm thrilled to release the love story, GIRL OF HIS DREAM, the book that will explain how Jamey and Tina (from the Dream Jumper Series) originally met and why there was a ten year gap in their relationship. These two people have big secrets and they guard them well. Both masters of playing their cards close to their chests, the thirty-two-year old James and the twenty-five-year old Kristina approach each other cautiously when they meet for the first time in Lahaina, Maui, the charming historic town on West Maui where anything can happen and does.
Having lived in Lahaina for 11 years, I wrote this story from the background of a scuba instructor and someone who enjoyed her single girl days on this amazing island. It's a struggle to write about Maui and I even have to visit the island regularly to do research, like below, where I dove Kapalua Bay in 2015.

Here's the premise of my new novel:

James Dunn is a loner, always has been, ever since he discovered at age 8 that he has the gift of hyper-intuition and can slip into other people's dreams. Finding himself on Maui between jobs with the Seattle Police Department, James hires Kristina Greene, a scuba instructor, to certify him as a Deep Diver. Over the 5 day course, things heat up and James breaks down Kristina's hard and fast rule about not dating students. It doesn't take long before the charmingly sexy James and the feisty and resistant Kristina fall into bed together. Driven by her anger towards her parents and the tension of keeping a dark secret, Kristina lets wild abandon take over. More than once James calls Kristina a "tiger" in bed and is happy to match her enthusiasm. (Reader, be warned that they are like any couple at the beginning of a love affair when they can't get enough of each other.) They each have a secret that must be guarded and kept, especially from each other. As they get closer, emotionally, keeping these secrets becomes almost impossible and both are put to the ultimate test until James enters a dream of Kristina's that changes everything.

If you have read the DREAM JUMPER series, you know that this story does not end well for James and Kristina and that is the premise for the next book. Second Warning.

I invite you to pick up a copy of Girl of his Dream, drink a Corona with James, feel the ocean breeze, smell the plumeria flowers and experience the magic of Maui.

The Girl of his Dream
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Kim Hornsby is an Award-Winning, Bestselling Author of The Dream Jumper's Promise, a permanently free book on AMAZON.

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