Box Sets & Hitting Bestseller Lists!

Join us on the Beach today to talk about Box Sets with Author, Kim Hornsby.

Box Sets are the new Biggest Thing! And you know why an author would offer a book that took her 2 years of her life to write for only 10 cents? To hit the USA Today Bestselling List. Or any other list would be nice too.
That's the main reason authors are banding together in bunches of 10 to offer a book, but the other reason is almost as good--To cross market with other authors, gain readership through them, and get people hooked on their series by offering the first book virtually free.

I'm no different. I saw the Box Set train leaving the station and jumped on board!

Two months ago I researched these anthologies on Amazon, read blogs on them, studied covers, titles, and talked to authors who are already involved in a box set. I already was a year behind, seeing I wanted to get in a set last year this time. Feeling behind in anything always drives me to maniacal productivity.

I contacted a bunch of authors, whose books I loved reading, whose writing I respect greatly, and who write in a slightly similar genre as me. While waiting for these authors to think about my proposition I worked on a title.
In terms of search engines, I decided on the title Passion & Danger, having seen a lot of romance books starting with the word Passionate and knowing we would pop up in a reader's search. All the books I planned to have in the set had these two aspects in common. Passion and danger.
I only was turned down by a few authors who either couldn't give me the temporary publishing rights, didn't have anything that wasn't already in a set, or didn't see themselves fitting in with the group. I appealed to my chosen few writers by asking them if they wanted to become a USA Today Bestselling Author. If they did, here is my plan. (insert my email here.)
Only one of us holds the title of USA TODAY Bestselling Author and she said yes even though her book has thousands of reviews on Amazon and might not need to join us for any particular reason.
Alexa Grace is a superstar of Romantic Suspense but also savvy enough to know that you can always reach more readers through cross networking. We had our star author for the first book!
Toby Neal is a marketing wizard, prolific author and writes fabulous, gritty crime/romance set in Hawaii. I was amazed and thrilled she said yes.
Kristine Cayne has won so many awards in Romance and Suspense, that I can't list them all here. She's a top author at Amazon and her willingness to join us was another coup.
Dana Delamar, another bestselling author, agreed to get on board with her awesome novel, which is book 1 in her bestselling series. And she agreed to help us with marketing, something she does as a sideline, along with editing.
Alicia Dean who was my editor for two books and writes multi-genre and writes for Kindle World. She heads up Authors Helping Authors and many marketing groups. She let us have her novel that weaves in a paranormal aspect. Wow!
Then I asked Pat White, the Harlequin Intrigue author who got me into this kooky business in the first place and she gave us her fun romantic suspense. I couldn't believe my luck.
Diana Layne had huge success with book 1 and 2 in her Mafia series and was ready to release book 3. Luckily she saw this as a good way to market and we got book 1 for the set. It's a Bestseller!
Bestselling author and Louisiana writer, Lori Leger, was convinced to lend us one of her many novels and willingly offered to do the formatting, something I didn't want to take on (even if I could) and didn't exactly want to pay hundreds for someone else to take on.
My critique partner, Christine M. Fairchild, is ready to release the much-anticipated Book 2 and let us have her first in the series--An enormous Bestseller! Suddenly I had her kick-ass thriller to complete the set.
Add in my award-winning, bestselling Romantic Suspense, we had ten tantalizing books of Passion & Danger.

Everyone began with a check of their formatting while I hunted for a cover photo. We had a huge decision to make that most women never give much thought to.

Hairy chest or clean-shaven chest??? This question occupied our emails and my mind for about two weeks while I polled women. I'd found an awesome photo that depicted our theme but he had a nicely hairy chest. Dare we?
In the end we decided on the picture of  gorgeous cover model, Harvey Stables with a sultry blonde, Amber, and had The Killion Group go to work on our cover.
Note: We needed a flat version too because of Apple and they supplied all the sizes and versions when it was done!

We decided on a marketing budget, put money in the pot and set to work figuring out what sites gave us the most bang for our buck.
Lori began formatting, careful to keep the file as small as possible because of Kindle's 3 KB rule for .99 books. We really wanted to offer this for .99 and as I type this I'm still not sure if we'll be able to reduce the file from 3.5 to 3. All photos of our covers had to go as well as back matter, front matter and such. Poor Lori. She kept the file large for Draft 2 Digital, a new uploading service similar to Smashwords because they can take a huge file. They will also do all the converting for you and even set everything up for CreateSpace. Having box sets in print is completely ludicrous because they'd have to cost over $100. but it's nice to know for single books.
We set a publishing date for May 17 and have given ourselves over a month to gain all the presales we can in that month. We anticipate a nice dump of sales on that day, chosen specifically because USA Today begins their weekly count on Sundays.

As I learn more about this process, I will let you know in installments, publishing every week about the journey to USA Today Bestselling Status. One thing I learned that was disappointing is that another box set comprised of List Authors is releasing the day after us, hoping for NY Times Bestselling status. (They start their count on a Monday). We are not so lofty in our goal--USA Today is good for now.
 We have marketing set up for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday although BookBub does not take multi-author box sets yet. We went with My Romance Reads, ENT and Kindle Books and Tips.
Check out our awesome trailer here...

If you're reading this, please consider buying our presale for your own enjoyment, as well as helping us realize our Indie Dream. Here's the current links with more to come:


Barnes & Noble


And here's a photo of very embarrassed me with Harvey Stables at a Romance conference. :)

Kim Hornsby is an Amazon Bestselling Author of Suspense and welcomes comments to this blog.

UPDATE: We did not reach USA TODAY Bestselling status but the box set of USA TODAY authors that launched on the Monday did and I'm still not entirely clear what day that publication starts counting because the week before us, the list was Sunday to Sunday and then it looked like several days were skipped and it went Thursday to Thursday. Not sure.
We attribute not hitting the list to some confusion about the start date, not having beefcake on our cover and not advertising it as hot hot hot romance. Our book might be too diverse with Sweet to Sizzling Romance and paranormal to contemporary suspense to mafia to police procedural.
We hit #1 Bestseller Status right away in Mystery/Suspense Anthology category and stayed there for ten days. We have stayed in the top 10 for 2 months only slipping for 3 days to 17,000 in Kindle ebooks. Then, like a tiny flame that wouldn't go out, we bought a few little ads and got back to around 5,000. Almost two months in, we changed the cover to have only the male model naked to the waist. Since changing the cover, we have slipped a bit to 7,000 and we need to buy another couple ads to get more sales. We kept the price at .99 but were told by other box set authors that it didn't matter much what the price was and vowed to change the price after RWA in July to $2.99. It was a huge hassle getting Amazon to give us .99 because the file is very large and they need that size to be $1.99 at the least.
For us, at this time of year, with loads of competition, maintaining our below 5,000 ranking this long has translated into selling about 4,000 downloads. On Amazon, we sell about 140 ebooks a week to stay at 5,000, 7 weeks later.
The things I thought would set us apart from the other box sets, and offer something unique to work to our advantage (our diversity) might not have worked for us, but against us. I read steamy to sweet romance, not erotic, like diversity as a reader as long as there is a mystery or suspense and would appreciate a set like this as a voracious reader.
What do you think? I'd be interested to hear your opinion! But before our books and donate to breast cancer and thymic cancer at the same time.

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