New Year, New Books, New Experiences

This week on the white sands of our Beach Read Authors' Site we have dynamo, Pat White, who is an eight-time published author. Making her splashy debut ten years ago writing about romance and wrestling, Pat is published by Harlequin, Dorchester, and is now joining the Indie ranks. As well as being a person who inspired many Seattle authors to write romance, Pat has been honored with a Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Contemporary Romance from Romantic Times Magazine
I give you, Pat White!

How is everybody's New Year going so far? I'm excited because this year I decided to try some new things, like dive enthusiastically into self-publishing! I decided I wanted to publish the stories that are near and dear to my heart but may not have a place in the traditional book market.  Readers have it so good these days with all their book buying options.  I don’t know about you but my head is spinning with excitement as I discover new authors every day.

I’m especially excited about an anthology I’m participating in for Valentine's Day.
Valentine’s Romance is a collection of four short romances and it went live last week.  My story is titled The Wife Project.  Here’s the scoop:

 Enigmatic software genius A.J. Remington needs a wife to seem more accessible to potential clients, but love cannot be a part of the equation.  Having been burned, he knows that love is complicated and painful. A.J. is resigned to a life without love.

 Friend and personal chef Katy Walsh has also tasted her share of heartbreak due to a failed marriage, and she’s determined to avoid that kind of pain, thank-you-very-much. 

 But when Katy agrees to help Alex to choose a suitable woman for the role of wife, an unlikely recipe for romance consumes them both.  Can it be that the perfect woman is standing in his kitchen?  And will either of them be willing to risk falling in love as they work on… The Wife Project?

 This story is a friends-to lovers-romance—one of my personal favorites.  My first published book was a friends-to-lovers story called Practice Makes Mr. Perfect for Silhouette Romance.  I enjoy these storylines because who best to fall in love with than the one person who knows your faults and your strengths and loves you all the same? 

A real plus to self-publishing is that everything happens so quickly.  I can release a new story every month if I want to, that is if the dogs and cat leave me alone long enough to write!  In traditional publishing you can sign a contract and wait a long time before your book is actually released.

Since 2014 is the year of trying new things, I’m considering all kinds of non-writing activities as well.  I’ve read that new experiences can stimulate certain parts of your brain and help with overall wellbeing.  I’m looking outside the “box” at things like: helicopter lessons, Nia (dance) class, or perhaps kick-boxing.  One thing for sure, I’m going to find new places to walk my puppy before she completely destroys my house!

 How about you? Do you have any new experiences planned for 2014? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

 I’m giving away a copy of my short romance The Wife Project to a lucky reader.  If dark and dangerous is more your style, I’m also offering a copy of of my YA paranormal, Out of My Mind.  Just post a response to this blog by Monday, January 20 and I’ll add your name to the list for a free copy.  Winners will be picked on Tuesday, January 21.

I’m so excited to be a part of the awesome Beach Read Blog!

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  1. New experiences planned for 2014-- Writer's Retreat at a Luxury Lodge in March, England with girlfriend in May- meeting my 'sponsored child' after 17 years! That's pretty big. Who knows what else will pop up after that?

  2. Thanks for the uplifting blog, Pat! I totally want to join you with those helicopter lessons! I've always wanted to learn to fly a helicopter--since I was ten-- go figure!

    Like you, I want to try new things. In fact, one of our new goals is to vacation twice a year instead of once every 2 years. Ha! How's that for supporting your well being? We also want to look at diving lessons. And I want to take a class on evasive maneuvers for drivers (such as those taught to secret service drivers for ambassadors, etc). Of course the best escape would be to pull up to an airfield and hop on your helicopter, Pat!!!

    cheers, and happy new years!

  3. There is actually a house on Lake Sammamish that has a helicopter landing pad! Wouldn't that be cool? Talk about traveling in style. Let's take the chopper to dinner, honey. although, where would you land on the other side. Hahahaha.

  4. Hey Pat, I don't know where you live, but if you're anywhere near my little town, you could come to my gym and take NIA and also take my kickboxing class. That's 2 down on your list of things to do. :)

    One of my goals this year is to do one fun thing a month that would be Christmas-letter-worthy.

  5. Hey, come to our Suncadia writers retreat, ladies, and I'll teach you kickboxing, how to throw a punch, some self defense stuff. Add a little wine and we can all end up in jail if you like. A real party!

    1. Tough talk, Christine. I happen to know you rarely drink. It would be just like me to get on board with your plan and be the only one who ends up in jail.

  6. Fabulous post, Pat. If I could afford helo lessons, I'd be sooo up for that. My new adventure this year is to make at least a couple of days at RT. It's in NOLA this year, and I've never been to an RT convention, so it seems like the perfect opportunity. Last year I killed two birds with one stone and flew to Vegas. 54 years old and had never flown...I know, right? Such a virgin! Loved flying, loved Vegas, can't wait to go back.

    And Kim, although we've never 'met', that end up in jail comment sounds just like you. ;)

    Another great post!