Today on the BEACH, we have Kim Hornsby, Bestselling author of The Dream Jumper's Promise and co-founder of this site. Take it away Kim...
Christmas Day is a big deal for many people all over the world and one reason that writers look forward to the 25th is the possibility of garnering new readers through KDP FREE days.
If you are a writer and have a promotion listed for the Christmas season you’ve probably spent some time in the last few weeks listing your book on the sites that will advertise your freebie. These sites are golden, sending out daily emails to readers tailored to their writing tastes, showcasing the books that are either free or below $2.99 (considered a deal).
For new writers KDP SELECT free days helps to get readers, generate interest in your books, and lead them to other books. If you can’t imagine giving away your book, consider that if 10,000 people read it and like it, maybe 200 of them will go on to buy your next book. If you add a link to another book at the end, you’re more likely to have real sales for other books.

I’ve found over the last year of being published and going free several times, readers are more likely to write reviews if they paid little or nothing for the book. It's my opinion that paying $12.99 for a download makes a reader expect excellence in its highest form. Getting it free allows the reader to be pleasantly surprised. Although I don’t know how much my 5 star reviewers paid for my books, I have to think that many of them got it free. I’ve had 66,000 free downloads of one of my novels in the last year. Most won't read it, I realize, but some will and some will actually write a review.

And so, if you’re going FREE anytime soon, be sure to check out this site that has a compilation of sites that will advertise your freebie.     http://authormarketingclub.com/members/submit-your-book/    

In most cases the ad costs nothing. I recently submitted two of my books for free days starting December 25th and took out a few $10 ads for guaranteed promotion seeing it’s Christmas day and a lot of writers have promos running that day because people get ereaders for Christmas. We’ll see how many sites I’m featured on but after my kids open their presents, eat their breakfast and are busy bugging their Dad to hook up stuff, I’m going to be tweeting and promo’ing on FB, checking my Amazon stats and hopefully watching my books climb the free lists. Weeeeeeee!

My Gift to you this Christmas-- two free books!
Click on the links below December 25 - 27th for a free download of a Paranormal Romantic Suspense and a Contemporary Romance.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

Kim Hornsby is the author of The Dream Jumper’s Promise and The Husband Hunt, both free on Christmas Day! 

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