Lisa Costantino - Falconer and World Traveler

Happy Beach Day! Pull up a lawn chair and get to know Lisa Costantino.

Lisa is a Pacific Northwest novelist and travel writer, and a winner of Chanticleer's Top Pick for Women's Fiction 2012 for her beautiful tale of two women confronting the same issues in different centuries, Maiden's Veil. She  offers editing services, as well.

While she feverishly writes her next book that will be chock-full of mermaid lore and ancient traditions, The Winter's Light, I convinced her to do a quick post for us. Because I know Lisa as one of my critique partners and editors, I'm going to slip in a few interesting facts about her before she claims her privacy.

1. She donates her gorgeous hair to LOCKS OF LOVE when she gets a long ponytail
2. Lisa adores her dogs and lives on a large acreage with woods in her backyard where they run.
3. She and hubby are big SEATTLE SEAHAWKS fans
4. As an editor, Lisa is fastidious. She edited several of the novels on this BRA site.
5. Her house has extensive gardens, both flowers and veggies and she's known to post photos of her veggies on Facebook.
6. Lisa loves to go falconing when in Scotland!
7. She's an amazing photographer (not just garden veggies either!) and has sold a number of her best shots.

Okay Lisa, take it away. . .

Finish these Sentences

  1. When I was growing up ... I became interested in the paranormal early on, partly due to my fascination with the vampire soap “Dark Shadows.” I wrote my own novellas based on the show, typing them on paperback-size pieces of paper and binding them. I was writing vampire stories long before it became en vogue. Wish to heck I could’ve cashed in.
  2. I once ... participated in one of the UK’s oldest May Day traditions known as the Obby Oss, which has taken place in Padstow, Cornwall, since at least the 14th century. Midnight singing to welcome summer, followed by a daylong, town-wide celebration with drums, dance, and a mesmerizing song. And ale.
  3. I used to work as ... a graveyard shift proofreader. Three years of working the wee hours while going to college. It’s a tough shift during Seattle winters, let me tell you.
  4. Every day I ... try to write. Or at least think about writing. And exercise. Or at least think about exercising.
  5. I like to ... travel. Nothing makes me feel more alive. I love to walk cities, ramble trails, immerse in history, try new things, learn from people I meet.
  6. One day ... I’d like to spend a year living in a different country. Learn a different language. See the world from a different culture’s perspective.
  7. I am thankful for ... the fact that there are still enough open-hearted and intelligent people in this world to balance out the increasingly vocal loonies.
  8. I write best ... in the morning, before my brain starts processing the demands of the day.
  9. I am working on ... a novel set in Cornwall, with a skewed twist on mermaid lore. (And yes, the Obby Oss will make an appearance.)
  10. I have always wanted to... learn to fly.
Thanks for joining us Lisa, who I just realized we could call L Co, that is if you call Jennifer Lopez J Lo and Jennifer Lawrence J La and me, Kim Hornsby K Ho. Whoops. Never mind. 
Here's a photo of Lisa on the right and me in green in the center, one day when we went with our writing sisters wine tasting at Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville WA. Just for fun.
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Today's Question for Readers: 
Finish this sentence. I have always wanted to...


  1. I meant to comment as me, not nine authors. This is what I said:
    I always wanted to:
    be small-breasted, but no, it's not in my genealogy.

  2. K Ho! You are the absolute end, I tell you. But thanks for the post!

  3. Lisa, I'm so envious of your trips to Scotland and falconing. This was a great interview.

    I sincerely hope you don't consider me to be one of the increasingly vocal loonies, simply because I'm a southerner. The large majority of us are extremely open-hearted and intelligent. :-)

    I also loved watching Dark Shadows as a kid, had a tremendous crush on Barnabas Collins and so wanted to be Victoria. I've read and enjoyed Maiden's Veil (which reminds me that I need to write a review)

    I always wanted to...learn to play the piano.

  4. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I'm a huge New Orleans Saints fan! The Seahawks are a great team and I'm just hoping my Saints make a decent showing this time. That last game was torture, for us to watch, anyway. :-(